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List of Ashes to Ashes episodes (seasons 1-3).

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Ashes to Ashes - Zurück in die 80er

(Ashes to Ashes)

[ Krimi-Serie | UK 2008-2010 eingestellt ]
[Ø Sterne: 5.6|Σ Stimmen: 14]

Link: bbc.co.uk | Spin-off von: Life on Mars

no Picture
Dean Andrews
als Ray Carling
no Picture
Philip Glenister
als Gene Hunt
no Picture
Keeley Hawes
als Alex Drake
no Picture
Montserrat Lombard
als Sharon Granger
no Picture
Marshall Lancaster
als Chris Skelton
außerdem: Joseph Long als Luigi, Geff Francis als Viv James,
Grace Vance als Molly Drake, Amelia Bullmore als Caroline Price,
Stephen Campbell Moore als Evan White, Adrian Dunbar als Martin Summers, ...

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Ashes to Ashes - Episoden der 1. Staffel

8 Folgen zu je 50 min. [2008]
001#1.01Schuss in die Vergangenheit [Déjà vu]2009 [2008]
002#1.02Bombenleger [The Happy Day]2009 [2008]
003#1.03Die Unreinen [Nothing Changes]2009 [2008]
004#1.04Frauenpower [The Missing Link]2009 [2008]
005#1.05Schwulitäten [The Smoking Gun]2009 [2008]
006#1.06Im Müll liegt die Wahrheit [Over the Hill]2010 [2008]
007#1.07Der Mann in der Wanne [Charity begins at Home]2010 [2008]
008#1.08Der Clown [Alex's Big Day]2010 [2008]

Ashes to Ashes - Episoden der 2. Staffel

8 Folgen zu je 50 min. [2009]
009#2.01Tod im Stripclub [Found in Soho]2011 [2009]
010#2.02Logenbrüder [Reckless Driving]2011 [2009]
011#2.03Tierschutz radikal [Fight for their Rights]2011 [2009]
012#2.04Supermac [Gene's Queen]2011 [2009]
013#2.05Tote leben anders [Blood Staines]2011 [2009]
014#2.06Die Leiche im Kana [Truth Canal]2011 [2009]
015#2.07Der Verräter [Traitor]2011 [2009]
016#2.08Koma, die Zweite [Who Am I, Really?]2011 [2009]

Ashes to Ashes - Episoden der 3. Staffel

8 Folgen zu je 50 min. [2010]
017#3.01Auf ein Neues! [Episode 1]2011 [2010]
018#3.02Brandmale [Episode 2]2011 [2010]
019#3.03Spiel mit dem Feuer [Episode 3]2011 [2010]
020#3.04Verdeckt ermittelt [Episode 4]2011 [2010]
021#3.05Machos unter sich [Episode 5]2011 [2010]
022#3.06Die Revolte [Episode 6]2011 [2010]
023#3.07Afrika explosiv [Episode 7]2011 [2010]
024#3.08Das Reich des Gene Hunt [Episode 8]2011 [2010]

Soundtrack zur TV-Serie

Ashes to Ashes
  1. Dialogue: Alex Drake (Introduction)
  2. Ashes To Ashes [David Bowie]
  3. Fade To Grey [Visage]
  4. Love Action [The Human League]
  5. Girls On Film [Duran Duran]
  6. Geno [Dexys Midnight Runners]
  7. Souvenir [OMD]
  8. No More Heroes [The Stranglers]
  9. I Fought The Law [The Clash]
  10. (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing [Heaven 17]
  11. Dialogue: You're Nicked (Interlude)
  12. Gene Genie (Gene Hunt's theme from `Ashes To Ashes') [Edmund Butt]
  13. In Love With A German Film Star [The Passions]
  14. Happy Birthday [Altered Images]
  15. It's Different For Girls [Joe Jackson]
  16. Money [Flying Lizards]
  17. Doors Of Your Heart [The Beat]
  18. Staring At The Rude Boys [The Ruts]
  19. Reward [The Teardrop Explodes]
  20. Swords Of A Thousand Men [Tenpole Tudor]
  21. Let's Stick Together [Bryan Ferry]
  22. Vienna [Ultravox]
  23. Title Music from `Ashes To Ashes' [Edmund Butt]
  24. Dialogue: Fandabydozy (Epilogue)
Ashes to Ashes - Series 2
  1. Under Pressure [Queen & David Bowie]
  2. Dialogue: Alex Drake
  3. Opening Titles [Edmund Butt]
  4. Planet Earth [Duran Duran]
  5. In The Air Tonight [Phil Collins]
  6. Rat Race [The Specials]
  7. Dialogue: Vindaloo
  8. Mirror Man [The Human League]
  9. The Look Of Love (Part 1) [ABC]
  10. Going Back To My Roots [Odyssey]
  11. Dialogue: The Strangest Day
  12. Alex's Theme [Edmund Butt]
  13. Funeral Pyre [The Jam]
  14. Temptation [New Order]
  15. The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) [Fun Boy Three]
  16. Back Of Love [Echo And The Bunnymen]
  17. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) [A Flock Of Seagulls]
  18. Love Plus One [Haircut 100]
  19. Dialogue: Felicity Kendal
  20. Stand & Deliver [Adam & The Ants]
  21. Lies [Thompson Twins]
  22. Streets Of London [Anti Nowhere League]
  23. I Second That Emotion [Japan]
  24. Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime [The Korgis]
  25. Atomic [Blondie]
  26. Tea & Sympathy (Epilogue)
  27. Hunt's Theme [Edmund Butt]
Ashes to Ashes - Series 3
  1. Dialogue: Alex Drake
  2. Opening Titles [Ed Butt]
  3. Let's Dance [David Bowie]
  4. Mad World [Tears For Fears]
  5. True [Spandau Ballet]
  6. Only You [Yazoo]
  7. Dialogue: Wake Up
  8. Gene Undercover [Ed Butt]
  9. Town Called Malice [The Jam]
  10. Golden Brown [The Stranglers]
  11. Uptown Girl [Billy Joel]
  12. Dialogue: All In My Head
  13. Get Me Home [Ed Butt]
  14. Promised You A Miracle [Simple Minds]
  15. Electric Avenue [Eddy Grant]
  16. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [Cyndi Lauper]
  17. Video Killed The Radio Star [The Buggles]
  18. Couldn't Love You More [John Martyn]
  19. The Kiss [Ed Butt]
  20. Dialogue: I'm In A Mess
  21. The Love Cats [The Cure]
  22. The Cutter [Echo & The Bunnymen]
  23. Shipbuilding [Robert Wyatt]
  24. War Baby [Tom Robinson]
  25. Rockit [Herbie Hancock]
  26. Two Tribes [Frankie Goes To Hollywood]
Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes

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