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List of Friends episodes (seasons 6-10), DVDs & soundtrack.

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Friends - Episoden der 6. Staffel

25 Folgen zu je 22 min. [1999..2000]
122#6.01Das Zeichen [The One After Vegas]2002 [1999]
123#6.02Wer liebt wen? [The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel]2002 [1999]
124#6.03Zimmer gesucht [The One With Ross's Denial]2002 [1999]
125#6.04Prof. Dr. Geller [The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance]2002 [1999]
126#6.05Der Traum vom Porsche [The One With Joey's Porsche]2002 [1999]
127#6.06Der letzte Abend [The One On The Last Night]2002 [1999]
128#6.07Flirt-Verbot [The One Where Phoebe Runs]2002 [1999]
129#6.08Ein strahlender Eindruck [The One With Ross's Teeth]2002 [1999]
130#6.09Jugendsünden [The One Where Ross Got High]2002 [1999]
131#6.10Die alte Nummer [The One With The Routine (a.k.a. The One With The Rockin' New Year)]2002 [1999]
132#6.11Lautes Blabla [The One With The Apothecary Table]2002 [2000]
133#6.12Der Playboy-Witz [The One With The Joke]2002 [2000]
134#6.13Schwestern [The One With Rachel's Sister (1)]2002 [2000]
135#6.14Echte Männer weinen nicht [The One Where Chandler Can't Cry (2)]2002 [2000]
136#6.15Was wäre, wenn (1) [The One That Could Have Been (1)]2002 [2000]
137#6.16Was wäre, wenn (2) [The One That Could Have Been (2)]2002 [2000]
138#6.17Verteidigung im Kopf [The One With Unagi (a.k.a. The One With The Mix Tape)]2002 [2000]
139#6.18Professor trifft Studentin [The One Where Ross Dates A Student]2002 [2000]
140#6.19Semesterferien [The One With Joey's Fridge]2002 [2000]
141#6.20Mac und Cheese [The One With Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E.]2002 [2000]
142#6.21Mr. Stevens [The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad]2002 [2000]
143#6.22Ein toller Typ [The One Where Paul's The Man]2002 [2000]
144#6.23Ein besonderer Ring [The One With The Ring]2002 [2000]
145#6.24Der Antrag (1) [The One With The Proposal (1)]2002 [2000]
146#6.25Der Antrag (2) [The One With The Proposal (2)]2002 [2000]

Friends - Episoden der 7. Staffel

24 Folgen zu je 22 min. [2000..2001]
147#7.01Das Hochzeitslied [The One With Monica's Thunder]2002 [2000]
148#7.02Rachel liebt es heiß [The One With Rachel's Book]2002 [2000]
149#7.03Die Kekskrise [The One With Phoebe's Cookies]2002 [2000]
150#7.04Liebe im Büro [The One With Rachel's Assistant]2002 [2000]
151#7.05Das Verlobungsfoto [The One With The Engagement Picture]2002 [2000]
152#7.06Der Brautjungfern Wettbewerb [The One With The Nap Partners]2002 [2000]
153#7.07Die Liebesecke [The One With Ross's Library Book]2002 [2000]
154#7.08Die Hunde Allergie [The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs]2002 [2000]
155#7.09Ein süsser Hintern [The One With All The Candy]2002 [2000]
156#7.10Das Weihnachtsgürteltier [The One With The Holiday Armadillo]2002 [2000]
157#7.11Das Leben ist süß [The One With All The Cheesecakes]2002 [2001]
158#7.12Schlaflos in New York [The One Where They're Up All Night]2002 [2001]
159#7.13Rosita muss sterben [The One Where Rosita Dies]2002 [2001]
160#7.14Der Dreißigste [The One Where They All Turn Thirty]2002 [2001]
161#7.15Die Gehirntransplantation [The One With Joey's New Brain]2002 [2001]
162#7.16Der Londoner Stil [The One With The Truth About London]2002 [2001]
163#7.17Das Kleid aller Kleider [The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress]2002 [2001]
164#7.18Gewonnen hat ... [The One With Joey's Award]2002 [2001]
165#7.19Überraschung! [The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin]2002 [0000]
166#7.20Batmans Smoking [The One With Rachel's Big Kiss]2002 [2001]
167#7.21Das Eheversprechen [The One With The Vows]2002 [2001]
168#7.22Seide auf der Haut [The One With Chandler's Dad]2002 [2001]
169#7.23Hochzeit mit Hindernissen (1) [The One With Chandler And Monica's Wedding (1)]2002 [2001]
170#7.24Hochzeit mit Hindernissen (2) [The One With Chandler And Monica's Wedding (2)]2002 [2001]

Friends - Episoden der 8. Staffel

24 Folgen zu je 22 min. [2001..2002]
171#8.01Das Gerücht [The One After "I Do"]2003 [2001]
172#8.02Der ominöse rote Pulli [The One With The Red Sweater]2003 [2001]
173#8.03Wo ist das Kind? [The One Where Rachel Tells ...]2003 [2001]
174#8.04Ein unmoralisches Video [The One With The Videotape]2003 [2001]
175#8.05Gefeuert und verlassen [The One With Rachel's Date]2003 [2001]
176#8.06Häschen gegen Space-Trottel [The One With The Halloween Party]2003 [2001]
177#8.07Ein Fleck mit Folgen [The One With The Stain]2003 [2001]
178#8.08Zieh dich aus, Baby! [The One With The Stripper]2003 [2001]
179#8.09Der Hass-Club [The One With The Rumor]2003 [2001]
180#8.10Schmerz lass nach! [The One With Monica's Boots]2003 [2001]
181#8.11Ein Mann für eine Nacht [The One With The Creepy Holiday Card (a.k.a. The One With Ross's Step Forward)]2003 [2001]
182#8.12Tausendmal berührt ... [The One Where Joey Dates Rachel]2003 [2002]
183#8.13Der Kapitän der Badewanne [The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath]2003 [2002]
184#8.14Die Geheimkammer [The One With The Secret Closet]2003 [2002]
185#8.15Ein Porno zum Valentinstag [The One With The Birthing Video]2003 [2002]
186#8.16Nur ein kleiner Gag [The One Where Joey Tells Rachel]2003 [2002]
187#8.17Die Prophezeiung der Teeblätter [The One With The Tea Leaves]2003 [2002]
188#8.18Zu Tränen Gerührt [The One In Massapequa (a.k.a. The One With The Zesty Guy)]2003 [2002]
189#8.19Joeys Interview [The One With Joey's Interview]2003 [2002]
190#8.20Die Babyparty [The One With The Baby Shower]2003 [2002]
191#8.21Der Kochkurs [The One With The Cooking Class]2003 [2002]
192#8.22Warten aufs Baby [The One Where Rachel Is Late]2003 [2002]
193#8.23Das Baby Kommt (1) [The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (1)]2003 [2002]
194#8.24Das Baby Kommt (2) [The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (2)]2003 [2002]

Friends - Episoden der 9. Staffel

24 Folgen zu je 22 min. [2002..2003]
195#9.01Willst du...? [The One Where No One Proposes]2003 [2002]
196#9.02Don´t cry for me, Emma [The One Where Emma Cries]2003 [2002]
197#9.03Der Doktor lebt [The One With The Pediatrician]2003 [2002]
198#9.04Welcher Mann für welches Leben? [The One With The Sharks]2003 [2002]
199#9.05Dinner for six [The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner]2003 [2002]
200#9.06Der Kindermann [The One With The Male Nanny]2003 [2002]
201#9.07Kein Lied von guten Eltern [The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song]2003 [2002]
202#9.08Die schreckliche Schwester [The One With Rachel's Other Sister]2003 [2002]
203#9.09Rachels Nummer [The One With Rachel's Phone Number]2003 [2002]
204#9.10Chandlers Fest [The One With Christmas In Tulsa]2003 [2002]
205#9.11Phoebe - Superstar [The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work]2003 [2003]
206#9.12Die Rattenbabys [The One With Phoebe's Rats]2003 [2003]
207#9.13Kuss mit Folgen [The One Where Monica Sings]2003 [2003]
208#9.14Blind Dates [The One With The Blind Dates]2003 [2003]
209#9.15Hände hoch [The One With The Mugging]2003 [2003]
210#9.16Toll bestückt! [The One With The Boob Job]2003 [2003]
211#9.17Verknallt in einen Toten [The One With The Memorial Service]2003 [2003]
212#9.18Die Taube war's! [The One With The Lottery]2003 [2003]
213#9.19Jungs im Hotel [The One With Rachel's Dream]2003 [2003]
214#9.20Party auf dem Dach [The One With The Soap Opera Party]2004 [2003]
215#9.21Bitte eine kleine Spende [The One With The Fertility Test]2004 [2003]
216#9.22Der Sperminator [The One With The Donor]2004 [2003]
217#9.23Regen im Paradies (1) [The One In Barbados (1)]2004 [2003]
218#9.24Regen im Paradies (2) [The One In Barbados (2)]2004 [2003]

Friends - Episoden der 10. Staffel

18 Folgen zu je 22 min. [2003..2004]
219#10.01Reden ist Silber [The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss]2005 [2003]
220#10.02Ross geht es gut [The One Where Ross Is Fine]2005 [2003]
221#10.03Liebesnacht mit Hindernissen [The One With Ross's Tan]2005 [2003]
222#10.04Geschenke, Geschenke [The One With The Cake]2005 [2003]
223#10.05Die Rückkehr der schrecklichen Schwester [The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits]2005 [2003]
224#10.06Alles Lüge [The One With Ross's Grant]2005 [2003]
225#10.07Das perfekte Zuhause [The One With The Home Study]2005 [2003]
226#10.08Tag der Dankbarkeit [The One With The Late Thanksgiving]2005 [2003]
227#10.09Was mein ist, ist nicht dein [The One With The Birth Mother]2005 [2004]
228#10.10Eine verhängnisvolle Affäre [The One Where Chandler Gets Caught]2005 [2004]
229#10.11Tränen eines Strippers [The One Where The Stripper Cries]2005 [2004]
230#10.12Phoebes Hochzeit [The One With Phoebe's Wedding]2005 [2004]
231#10.13Joey, das Genie [The One Where Joey Speaks French]2005 [2004]
232#10.14Prinzessin Consuela [The One With Princess Consuela]2005 [2004]
233#10.15Paris oder New York? [The One Where Estelle Dies]2005 [2004]
234#10.16Die Abschiedsparty [The One With Rachel's Going Away Party (a.k.a. The One Where Rachel Goes To Paris)]2006 [2004]
235#10.17Auf Wiedersehen (1) [The Last One (1)]2006 [2004]
236#10.18Auf Wiedersehen (2) [The Last One (2)]2006 [2004]

Alle DVD-Boxen zur TV-Serie


Soundtrack-CD zur TV-Serie


  1. I'll Be There For You (TV Version) [The Rembrandts]
  2. I Go Blind [Hootie & The Blowfish]
  3. Good Intentions [Toad The Wet Sprocket]
  4. You'll Know You Were Loved [Lou Reed]
  5. Sexuality [k.d. lang]
  6. Shoe Box [Barenaked Ladies]
  7. It's A Free World Baby [R.E.M.]
  8. Sunshine [Paul Westerberg]
  9. Angel Of The Morning [The Pretenders]
  10. In My Room [Grant Lee Buffalo]
  11. Big Yellow Taxi [Joni Mitchell]
  12. Stain Yer Blood [Paul Westerberg]
  13. I'll Be There For You (Long Version) [The Rembrandts]

FRIENDS · again
  1. Introduction [Friends Again Soundtrack]
  2. Every Word Means No [Smash Mouth]
  3. Delicious [Semisonic]
  4. Trouble With Boys [Loreta]
  5. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing [Robbie Williams]
  6. Summer [Lisa Loeb]
  7. What Reason [Deckard]
  8. Angel And The Jerk [Penelope Houston]
  9. Question Everything [8stops7]
  10. Smelly Cat Medley [Phoebe Buffay And The Hairballs]
  11. View Form The Other Side [Duncan Sheik]
  12. Beats The Hell Out Of Me [The Waltons]
  13. Friends 'Til The End (I'll Be There For You) (Remix) [Thor-El]
  14. Friends 'Til The End (I'll Be There For You) [Thor-El]
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