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List of One Tree Hill episodes (seasons 6-9) and Soundtrack.

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One Tree Hill - Episoden der 6. Staffel

24 Folgen zu je 45 min. [2008-2009]
107#6.01Hochzeitspläne [Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 1] [2008]
108#6.02Von einer Sekunde zur anderen: alles anders [One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning] [2008]
109#6.03Das Cape, mit dem du fliegen lernst [Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.] [2008]
110#6.04Das große Abschiedsspiel [Bridge Over Troubled Water] [2008]
111#6.05Geplatztes Comeback [You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It] [2008]
112#6.06Lebenswege [Choosing My Own Way of Life] [2008]
113#6.07Anführer und Mitläufer [Messin’ With The Kid] [2008]
114#6.08Das Filmangebot [Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe] [2008]
115#6.09Stunde der Wahrheit [Sympathy for the Devil] [2008]
116#6.10Angst vor der Realität [Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous] [2008]
117#6.11Casablanca in Tree Hill [We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)] [2008]
118#6.12Wie der Vater so der Sohn [You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)] [2008]
119#6.13Wo ist Sam? [Things A Mama Don’t Know] [2009]
120#6.14Eltern auf Probe [A Hand To Take Hold of The Scene] [2009]
121#6.15Die kleinen Dinge des Lebens [We Change, We Wait] [2009]
122#6.16Das große Casting [Screenwriter's Blues] [2009]
123#6.17Momente der Wahrheit [You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight] [2009]
124#6.18Traum - Tree Hill [Searching For a Former Clarity] [2009]
125#6.19Geplatzte Filme [Letting Go] [2009]
126#6.20Das kleine Supergenie [I Would for You] [2009]
127#6.21Wenn Träume wahr werden [A Kiss to Build a Dream On] [2009]
128#6.22Zeig mir das Leben [Show Me How To Live] [2009]
129#6.23Für immer und fast ewig [Forever and Almost Always] [2009]
130#6.24Fast alle Träume werden wahr [Remember Me As A Time Of Day] [2009]

One Tree Hill - Episoden der 7. Staffel

22 Folgen zu je 45 min. [2009-2010]
131#7.01Familienbesuch [4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)] [2009]
132#7.02Eine Nacht mit Folgen [What Are You Willing To Lose] [2009]
133#7.03Erpressung [Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered] [2009]
134#7.04Der große Auftritt [Believe Me, I'm Lying] [2009]
135#7.05Trügerisches Herz [Your Cheatin' Heart] [2009]
136#7.06Angst vor der Tiefe [Deep Ocean Vast Sea ] [2009]
137#7.07Die Liebe stirbt nie [I and Love and You ] [2009]
138#7.08Geister [(I Just) Died In Your Arms ] [2009]
139#7.09Frühlingsgefühle [Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun ] [2009]
140#7.10Jeder hat seine Sucht [You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son ] [2009]
141#7.11Du weißt, dass ich dich liebe [You Know I Love You, Don’t You ] [2009]
142#7.12Manche Straßen führen nirgendwo hin [Some Roads Lead Nowhere ] [2009]
143#7.13Ich will nur helfen [Weeks Go By Like Days ] [2010]
144#7.14Es bleibt in der Familie [Family Affair ] [2010]
145#7.15Das große Revival [Don't You Forget About Me ] [2010]
146#7.16Gute Absichten [My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good ] [2010]
147#7.17Lydias letzte Chance [At The Bottom Of Everything ] [2010]
148#7.18Ich lass Dich nicht los [The Last Day of Our Acquaintance ] [2010]
149#7.19Jedes Bild erzählt eine Geschichte [Every Picture Tells a Story ] [2010]
150#7.20Verdrehte Verhältnisse [Learning To Fall ] [2010]
151#7.21Schatzsuche [What’s In The Ground Belongs To You ] [2010]
152#7.22Die Filmpremiere [Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You] [2010]

One Tree Hill - Episoden der 8. Staffel

22 Folgen zu je 45 min. [2010-2011]
153#8.01... [Asleep At Heaven's Gate] [2010]
154#8.02... [I Can’t See You, But I Know You're There] [2010]
155#8.03... [The Space In Between] [2010]
156#8.04... [We All Fall Down] [2010]
157#8.05... [Nobody Taught Us to Quit] [2010]
158#8.06... [Not Afraid] [2010]
159#8.07... [Luck Be A Lady] [2010]
160#8.08... [Mouthful of Diamonds] [2010]
161#8.09... [Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace] [2010]
162#8.10... [Lists, Plans] [2010]
163#8.11... [Darkness On the Edge of Town] [2010]
164#8.12... [The Drinks We Drank Last Night] [2011]
165#8.13... [The Other Half Of Me] [2011]
166#8.14... [Holding Out For A Hero] [2011]
167#8.15... [Valentine's Day Is Over] [2011]
168#8.16... [I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here] [2011]
169#8.17... [The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get] [2011]
170#8.18... [Quiet Little Voices] [2011]
171#8.19... [Where Not To Look For Freedom] [2011]
172#8.20... [The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul] [2011]
173#8.21... [Flightless Bird, American Mouth] [2011]
174#8.22... [This Is My House, This Is My Home] [2011]

One Tree Hill - Episoden der 9. Staffel

.. Folgen zu je 45 min. [2012-....]
Ein Veröffentlichung auf DVD/Blu-ray ist nicht bekannt.
175#9.01... [Know This, We've Noticed] [2012]
176#9.02... [In The Room Where You Sleep] [2012]
177#9.03... [Love The Way You Lie] [2012]
178#9.04... [Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?] [2012]
179#9.05... [The Killing Moon] [2012]
180#9.06... [Catastrophe And The Cure] [2012]
181#9.07... [Last Known Surroundings] [2012]
182#9.08... [A Rush Of Blood To The Head] [2012]
183#9.09... [Every Breath Is A Bomb] [2012]
184#9.10... [Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will] [2012]
185#9.11... [Danny Boy] [2012]
186#9.12... [Anyone Who Had A Heart] [2012]
187#9.13... [One Tree Hill] [2012]

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Soundtrack-CD zur TV-Serie


Music from The WB television series
  1. I Don't Want To Be (Live) [Gavin DeGraw]
  2. The Good Kind (Album Version) [The Wreckers]
  3. Kill (Album Version) [Jimmy Eat World]
  4. Re-Offender (Album Version) [Travis]
  5. Overdue (Album Version) [The Get Up Kids]
  6. Funny Little Feeling (Album Version) [Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers]
  7. Glad (Acoustic Version) [Tyler Hilton]
  8. Shoot Your Gun (Album Version) [22-20s]
  9. Sidewalks (Acoustic Version) [Story Of The Year]
  10. When The Stars Go Blue (Album Version) [Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz]
  11. Everybody's Changing [Keane]
  12. Mixtape (Album Version) [Butch Walker]
  13. The First Cut Is The Deepest (Acoustic Version) [Sheryl Crow]
  14. Lie In The Sound (Album Version) [Trespassers William]

Friends with Benefit
Music from television series One Tree Hill - Volume 3
  1. Feeling A Moment
  2. The Mixed Tape
  3. Be Yourself
  4. Always Love
  5. Jealous Guy Acoustic
  6. Sons Gonna Rise
  7. Middle Of Nowhere
  8. Missing You
  9. Light Years Away
  10. Please Please Please
  11. I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea... [Fall Out Boy]
  12. 23 [Jimmy Eat World]
  13. Halo [Haley James Scott]
  14. Coffee & Cigarettes [Michelle Featherstone]
  15. For Blue Skies [Strays Don't Sleep]

The Road Mix:
Music from television series One Tree Hill - Volume 3
  1. Don't Wait (Album Version) [Dashboard Confessional]
  2. Stay Away (Album Version) [The Honorary Title]
  3. Naive [The Kooks]
  4. The Funeral (Album Version) [Band Of Horses]
  5. Heartbeats [José Gonzáles]
  6. You'll Ask For Me (Album Version) [Tyler Hilton]
  7. I Gotcha [Lupe Fiasco]
  8. Good Vibrations [Gym Class Heroes]
  9. Lay Me Down (Album Version) [The Wreckers]
  10. Soon Enough (Album Version) [Constantines]
  11. He Lays In The Reins (Album Version) [Iron & Wine/Calexico]
  12. Tell Me What It Takes (Album Version) [Lucero]
  13. Just Be Simple (Album Version) [Songs:Ohia]
  14. World Spins Madly On (Album Version) [The Weepies]
  15. Non-Believer (Album Version) [La Rocca]
  16. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns (Album Version) [Mother Love Bone]
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